Addendum: Jumping

My trip around the world included travel by train, by boat, by motorcycle, pedicab, tuk-tuk (motorized rickshaw), car, bicycle, bus, subway, elephant, and most of all: airplane.  By my calculation, I took no fewer than 19 flights in the first 4 months of my trip alone.  Luckily, every one of those flights landed safely.  Last Sunday, however, I took my first flight ever in which I took off, but didn't land...because I jumped out of the plane. With my trusty Skydive Las Vegas instructor Len strapped to my back, I dove from 15,000 feet toe the desert below, with the Hoover Dam and the Las Vegas strip in the periphery of my goggled vision.  After 45 seconds of free fall, I enjoyed a leisurely 5-minute float back to earth.

Those of you who followed this blog (hey mom!) know that I did a lot of jumping during my RTW journey. This was another big jump that I felt the need to share.

In case your interested, here's a video of my skydive